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We specialize in food! NotaZone is dedicated to providing top-notch systems for the food industry.

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The right tools for the right job

In a saturated market overflowing with stock/ERP/MRP solutions, NotaZone stands out by catering specifically to the distinct needs of food producers and manufacturers.

With its user-friendly interface, NotaZone empowers food producers and manufacturers to effortlessly oversee inventory, streamline production, accurately forecast, and maximise profits.

NotaZone is the right tool for all artisan producers food trace needs

Bring all your business vital information together with NotaZone

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Food Traceability

Trace from the minute your ingredient comes in, all the way to its final destination.

NotaZone does HACCP control

HACCP Control

From recording CCPs to monitoring tasks, and generating reports - we've got you covered!

NotaZone is customisable


Make NotaZone your own by customising your documents and labels as per your unique needs.

NotaZone has ERP features

ERP Features

Advanced Inventory and Recipe management, Bills of Materials, Forecasting, and Planning Tools.

NotaZone integrates with ecommerce


Combine hardware, eCommerce, and Accounting for the ultimate solution.


What our customers say

Moving from a paper-based trace system to NotaZone has made a massive impact for Sauce Shop, saving us both time and hassle. It has allowed us to focus on growing our business.

Implementing NotaZone across all areas of our operations has allowed us to operate in a largely paperless way. After exploring various systems that didn’t fit our needs due to rigidity and inefficient data handling, NotaZone was recommended to us by a customer. Its flexibility and specific suitability for the food industry, coupled with seamless integration with Woocommerce for web orders and Sage for accounts, have made it an essential part of our business.

Our package with NotaZone grew as we did. Adrian worked with us to find the best solution with a flexibility we did not expect. As we have grown, we have found NotaZone helpful in our journey and staff are always ready with a solution.


We all need someone we can call at any time, from anywhere

With NotaZone, there's no need for a trial period to get started. Our combination of competitive pricing, flexible solutions, and personalised support ensures that you'll find the perfect fit right from the start.

While our solution may be digital, we always have a human ready to answer your questions every step of the way.

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Prices so good, you'll check it twice

Your bottom line matters. Whether you are a one-man artisan or an enterprise, we know budgets are tighter than they’ve ever been. 

Just like your kitchen equipment, investing in NotaZone can save you time, improve your efficiency and ensure you are always traceable. 


Teamwork makes the dream work

At NotaZone, we are not just about providing the platform of your business dreams! 

We work with you as your extended team to understand your needs, listen to your specific requirements and give you the training or assurance you need to get the best out of NotaZone. That’s why we are here, always ready to lend an ear, answer questions, or celebrate your success!

NotaZone offers personalised customer support