The NotaZone Story

Discovering the secret to effective traceability. In 2010, Martin Coates and Andy Bingham recognised a crucial demand in the market for user-friendly software that enables effective food traceability.

In response to this growing need, NotaZone emerged as a cutting-edge solution, providing advanced traceability and ERP software. This exceptional tool empowers businesses of all sizes to effortlessly oversee and track their inventory at every stage.

However, NotaZone offers more than just management capabilities; it ignites the adoption of transparent best practices and guarantees the authenticity of your products. In a transformative move, the team behind NotaZone made the bold decision to fully embrace the platform's name as the official name of the company, replacing its previous identity as Agrantec

NotaZone saves food producers time and money

Create impact with real data

With NotaZone, your production kitchen can effortlessly streamline its processes, optimise operations, and make accurate forecasts. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to increased profits by using the ultimate tool for efficiency.

NotaZone creates impact with real data for food producers
NotaZone allows food producers to go paperless with ease

Going paperless was never this easy

Ensuring traceability through a paper trail can be overwhelming and time-consuming, not to mention the added burden of manpower and storage space. The constant risk of errors and misplacing important documents only compounds the challenges of maintaining an exhaustive system. But fear not, because NotaZone solves all these concerns and more with just a few simple clicks!



Here’s all the good stuff

NotaZone makes food trace easy


NotaZone’s deep traceability enables you to see every step your product takes, making it feel like you are right there from when your ingredients first arrive, all the way to final delivery to customers.

NotaZone integrates with 20+ apps


We get it, you have your favourite tools. With our seamless integrations, NotaZone connects effortlessly with multiple platforms, making your workflow as smooth as butter!

NotaZone has intelligent reporting

Intelligent reporting

NotaZone’s powerful reporting doesn’t just give you numbers but also empowers you with insights that help you make smarter decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

NotaZone future proofs food businesses

Future proof

NotaZone’s forecasting tools help you peek into the future. You can predict what your customers will want, ensuring you are always ready to meet demand.


Meet the team

Martin Coates


Andy Bingham

Managing Director

Adrian Talbot

Business Development Director

Sam Hopson

Implementation Consultant

Matt Hoskings

Development Manager 

Tom Phillips

Lead Developer 


One tool for all your food traceability needs

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