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NotaZone partners with other businesses to empower innovation, growth and best practices within the UK food industry. 


Taste of the west

Taste of the West (TOTW) is the largest independent regional food group in the UK that champions and showcases the exceptional local cuisine and beverages of the South-West region. Each year, the highly esteemed TOTW Awards are held to honour and recognise the abundance of talent within this vibrant corner of the country. NotaZone proudly serves as a category sponsor since 2017, forging a partnership rooted in a shared commitment to fostering and uplifting local producers.





The Food Works SW is a dynamic food and drink innovation centre, offering food-grade business units and development kitchens, plus hands-on food technical and specialist business support, sector-based training and networking. NotaZone partners with FoodWorks to provide its members with a unique opportunity to get started on their food traceability journey from the get-go!



Bird Count Survey

Since 2016, NotaZone and GWCT have transformed the Big Farmland Bird Count Survey, moving to a paperless system with a new platform accessible via tablets and phones. The platform utilizes NotaZone's data management and cloud technology, allowing the GWCT team and respondents to easily upload, store, and analyse data, including pictures and documents, and view past counts and comparisons.


Big Barn

Big Barn is a passionate advocate for local farmers and consumers in the UK, championing the finest British produce. Committed to fostering a sustainable and transparent food system, Big Barn joined forces with NotaZone in 2018. Together, we are dedicated to promoting the rich provenance of British produce, ensuring that every bite is not only delicious but also ethically and environmentally responsible.


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