5 easy steps to get SALSA accredited!

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  1.       Preparation

To get your business SALSA accredited, you must create a SALSA account and download the SALSA standard document. The document is a helpful guide in benchmarking yourself and preparing for the first audit.

2.       Arranging your Audit

Once you have benchmarked your business, arrange your Audit, and contact SALSA to arrange your visit. The auditor usually contacts businesses within 5 working days to arrange a convenient audit date.

3.       Audit  

On the day of the audit, you must make sure the person responsible (owner or operations manager) is onsite and must always accompany the auditor. For Food and Drink production standards- production must take place and must be witnessed by the auditor. 

The auditor then advises regarding your business compliance status against the standards. If audit failure is likely, the auditor can convert to a pre-assessment visit and create an action plan for correcting non-conformance. 

The auditor submits the report to SALSA for review.

4.       SALSA review

Audit reports are reviewed and approvals are granted if no corrective action actions are required. Where correction actions are required, an action plan for correcting non-conformance is implemented.

More information on how to get SALSA accredited can be found here.

5.       SALSA Accreditation  

Once the approval decision is made, SALSA issues your audit report and approval certificate. They also set your annual approval renewal date and review so that you can start preparing for your next audit! 

If you are on your journey to SALSA accreditation, your weeks/months/years of hard work are just about to take the next step in your growth journey. Congratulations!NotaZone, our inventory management, and food traceability software is the perfect tool to take along this journey to manage your stock, customer orders, planning and integrate with eCommerce to ensure your trace reports and business forecasting can all take place in minutes. To book a FREE demo, get in touch today! 

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