Forecasting sunshine and picnics

This British Sandwich Week we talk about all things preserves- how you make and consume them and how NotaZone can help

As the sun graces us with its warmth, and British Sandwich Week celebrated from 22nd to 28th May inspires a flurry of outdoor picnics and gatherings, the UK preserves industry is witnessing a considerable surge in demand. From sweet strawberry jams to tangy pickles, these delectable delights will fly off the shelves as Britons gear up to indulge al fresco.

Order Management Made Easy

Managing a surge in orders can be a daunting task. But with NotaZone, it becomes a breeze. NotaZone’s sophisticated platform offers real-time inventory updates, making it easier for producers to keep track of stock levels and plan production accordingly. This feature is particularly beneficial during a boom, helping to avoid stockouts or overstocks.  

Seamless Integrations for Swift Deliveries

Timely delivery is crucial to maintain customer satisfaction. Mainly when demand is high. NotaZone’s seamless integration with third-party applications ensures smooth and efficient fulfilment. NotaZone integrates with third-party apps to give food producers a comprehensive solution.

These can be everything from your chosen eCommerce platform such as Shopify or Amazon, finance and accounting apps like Xero and Quickbooks or delivery with DHL.  

So, as food producers and customers savour the sunshine and a preserve-enhanced sandwich, rest assured that NotaZone is behind the scenes, supporting the hardworking preserves producer with all things inventory management and trace.

The solution for better stock management and trace is glaringly simple- NotaZone. Book your demo today and get started!   

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