Chat GPT: Latest trend or the future?

A look into what Chat GPT is, what it can do and how it can help food producers use NotaZone for stock control and trace.

On November 30 2022, Chat GPT was launched as a prototype and quickly took the tech and the wider community by storm.  

NotaZone is a company focused on NotaZone, our cloud-based inventory management and trace platform primarily for food producers. All things related to data management and technology intrigue us.

With our ethos of becoming partners in our client’s success, we are intrigued by ChatGPT and how it might fit with our passion for bringing the best technology to food traceability and stock control. 

We asked ChatGPT, “How can ChatGPT help food producers or inventory management platforms?”

Here is what ChatGPT replied::

“ChatGPT can assist food producers and inventory management platforms in several ways. For example, it can be used to:

1.       Generate product development and ingredient lists for food items.

2.       Respond to customer inquiries about product availability, nutritional information, and ingredients.

3.       Provide automated inventory management by tracking stock levels and generating purchase orders.

4.       Generate automated reports on sales, inventory, and production.

5.       Help with forecasting and demand planning.

6.       Streamline customer service by answering frequently asked questions.

It can also be integrated with other systems to automate order tracking and shipment confirmation tasks. Overall, ChatGPT can help food producers and inventory management platforms to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.”

While the answer is coherent and valid, just like ChatGPT’s grammar, the key benefits highlighted have room for improvement.

The main glimpse into the future ChatGPT offers is a level of never experienced automation. Through working closely with small to medium food businesses, we understand the constraints on resources and time when first setting up a stock management platform. If necessary data entry could be automated, it would not only save time but also ensure businesses are food safety compliant quickly and effortlessly.

Food traceability and stock control management tools, such as NotaZone, already offer the listed features, however, Artificial Intelligence could unlock their potential at a fraction of the cost. This is s our key takeaway from what the future promises with advanced AI.

What do you think? 

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