Outsourcing production? Here is how NotaZone can help

NotaZone empowers food producers looking to outsoruce their production and helps them stay in control of their stock and supply chain

Have you ever had a great recipe for a food product, but lacked the equipment, resources, or knowledge to produce it in large quantities? Using a company to make food products using your recipe can be a great solution.

In this blog, we explore what this process entails, the benefits of using such a company, and how a platform like NotaZone can help streamline the process. 

Using a company to make food products using your recipe involves partnering with a food manufacturing company to produce your recipe on a larger scale. This process can be particularly useful for small food businesses or individuals looking to bring a unique product to market. 

The process typically involves several steps, including recipe development, sourcing ingredients, product testing, and production. The food manufacturing company will work closely with you to ensure that your recipe is produced according to your specifications and meet your quality standards. 

There are several benefits to using a company to make food products using your recipe. Here are just a few:

  1. Increased production capacity: Working with a food manufacturing company can allow you to produce larger quantities of your product than you would be able to on your own.
  2. Expertise: Food manufacturing companies have specialised knowledge and equipment that can help you produce your products more efficiently and effectively.
  3. Consistency: By working with a food manufacturing company, you can ensure that your product is produced consistently every time, which is important for building brand loyalty and customer trust. 
  4. Regulatory compliance: Food manufacturing companies are well-versed in food safety regulations and can help ensure that your product meets all relevant SALSA and/or BRC standards. 

The process of using a company to make food products using your recipe typically involves several steps. These can include:

  1. Recipe development: You will work with the food manufacturing company to refine your recipe and ensure that it can be produced at scale. 
  2. Sourcing ingredients: The food manufacturing company will help you source high-quality ingredients that meet your specifications. 
  3.  Product testing: Before production begins, the food manufacturing company will conduct product testing to ensure that your product meets your quality standards.
  4. Production: The food manufacturing company will produce your product at scale, using their specialised equipment and expertise. 
  5. Packaging and distribution: Once your product is produced, the food manufacturing company can help with packaging and distribution to get your product to market. 

NotaZone is an inventory management and trace platform that can help streamline the process of using a company to make food products using your recipe. 

It can do this by managing your ingredient sourcing process, ensuring that you are working with high-quality suppliers who meet your standards. It can also help you track the production process in real-time, giving you visibility into each step of the process. This in turn enables you to be food safety ready with an assurance that your product meets all the relevant audit requirements. And finally, NotaZone can help you track your quality standards every time. 

With the right partner and tools, you can turn your great recipe into a successful food product. To begin your journey, get started with NotaZone by booking your FREE demo.  

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