Privacy request to Agrantec Ltd and NotaZone Ltd

If you wish to request that we delete your data, please follow the process below.

See our Privacy Policy for more information on how we store and use your personal data.

  1. Check with your employer. We hold information on behalf of your employer and you may need to request this through them.
  2. Complete the form below to start the process.
  3. NotaZone will respond within 14 days to confirm receipt of your request.  This confirmation will contain further information of the process.
  4. Having verified what information we hold about you we will confirm your request
  5. Within 60 days of your request, we will confirm the deletion of your information.

Where we hold information in our data stores on behalf of clients we will endeavour to pass your request to our clients for their action. 
The result of this will be dependent on our client's own privacy and data retention policies.

We cannot remove information that we are legally required to retain until such retention period has passed.