British Tomato Fortnight: Stay in control of your supply chain

NotaZone empowers British food producers to stay in control of their supply chain from goodsin to dispatch this British Tomato Fortnight.

For the first year, British Tomato Fortnight is being celebrated from 29th May to 11th June 2023. The week is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the delicious, vibrant, and versatile tomato, a staple ingredient in countless UK recipes. As summer approaches and the demand for fresh tomatoes grows, a robust supply chain is more important than ever.

From tangy sauces and vibrant salads to hearty stews and salsas, tomatoes are the heart of many dishes. British Tomato Fortnight is a fantastic opportunity for food producers to showcase their tomato-based recipes, promising consumers a taste of the sun in every bite.

However, as demand grows, so does the complexity of managing tomato supplies. Maintaining a consistent supply of high-quality tomatoes, tracking their movement through the production process, and managing stock levels become crucial tasks. That’s where NotaZone, NotaZone’s inventory management and traceability platform, comes in.

NotaZone: A Powerful Tool for Food Producers

NotaZone offers a comprehensive solution for managing inventory, ensuring producers always have a clear picture of their stock levels. This can help to prevent overstocking or running out of fresh tomatoes at crucial times.

Beyond inventory management, NotaZone also offers powerful traceability capabilities. Food producers can track their tomatoes from farm to plate, offering assurance of quality and safety to their consumers.

But it’s not just about the raw tomatoes; it’s about the final product too. From pasta sauces to tomato chutneys, NotaZone’s Recipe Management module allows food producers to standardise their recipes, ensuring consistency in every batch they produce. This feature is particularly beneficial during a high-demand period like the British Tomato Fortnight.

As we celebrate the humble tomato and the food producers that elevate it in their products, let’s also celebrate the tools and technologies that help producers bring their best to the consumer’s table. NotaZone is proud to support UK food producers during British Tomato Fortnight and beyond, making inventory management, traceability, and recipe management easier, so producers can focus on what they do best: creating delicious food.

If you would like to have NotaZone in your corner this summer, book a demo today.

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