BFBC Survey: Data capture made easy with NotaZone

Big Farming Bird Count Survey uses NotaZone's data capture platform to record, update and analyse species of birds from across the UK.

For the 7th year, NotaZone will be working with the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT). GWCT is a leading UK-based conservation organisation that conducts scientific research and provides practical advice to help farmers, landowners, and policymakers protect and enhance wildlife habitats and populations. To achieve this goal, the GWCT conducts a wide range of surveys and monitoring activities, including the Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC) Survey. Efficiently capturing the data and efficiently analysing the survey results is critical and the GWCT has been using NotaZone’s flagship platform, NotaZone to help them do just that. 

One of the key ways that BFBC uses NotaZone is to capture survey data from farmers across the UK. In 2022, over 1,900 farmers across the UK took part and recorded 130 species across more than 1.5 million acres. A staggering 420,000 birds were counted and recorded successfully using NotaZone’s survey platform.  

NotaZone’s platform also allows BFBC to easily organise, manage and store its survey data. The platform’s powerful data management tools allow BFBC to create custom data fields and forms, so that data can be captured in a consistent format and organised in a way that makes sense for their specific needs. Additionally, the platform’s built-in data validation features help ensure that data is accurate and complete. 

Once data has been captured, NotaZone’s platform provides a variety of tools for analysing and visualising the data. For example, BFBC admins can create customer reports and charts to help them understand trends and patterns in the data, and they can also use the platform’s mapping tools to create interactive maps that show the distribution and abundance of different species. 

A partnership that started in 2016, the Big Farmland Bird Count survey has been hosted by NotaZone empowering users to capture and manage; while allowing admins to analyse the data quickly and easily.

While NotaZone is primarily a food inventory management and trace platform, the data capture capabilities and visual reports transcend to anything and everything where large amounts of data need to be processed while maintaining accuracy. 

If you would like to discuss how NotaZone can work for you, get in touch today. 

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