BFBC survey underway!

The BFBC survey hosted on NotaZone is currently underway and is a data capture project to count birds across the UK

The Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC) is an annual survey conducted by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to monitor the population trends of bird species on farmland across the UK. The survey aims to provide essential data to support conservation efforts for farmland birds. NotaZone, an inventory management and traceability platform, primarily focuses on empowering the food industry with its stock control needs. Data capture projects like the BFBC survey highlight the range and scope of data capture NotaZone can seamlessly manage and we are proud to have been the BFBC’s data capture partner for seven years. 

In the second week of the survey, the data captured using NotaZone shows that the number of hectares covered is a whooping 339,331, with 125 different species identified and an impressive 205,885 birds counted. 

The BFBC survey relies on the participation of farmers and land managers across the UK to count the birds they see on one area of their farm for 30 minutes. NotaZone provides a user-friendly platform for participants to submit their bird count data. GWCT then analyses the data to identify the population trends of different bird species on farmland. 

So far, the top 5 species counted for the duration of the survey are Starlings with 120,214 counts, Woodpigeons with 11,666 counts, Linnets with 8,873 counts, Chaffinches with 5,430 counts and Rooks with 4,843 counts. These numbers give an insight into the bird populations on farmland and the trends of different species. 

The partnership between NotaZone and BFBC has been successful in capturing accurate and valuable data for the conservation of farmland birds. The user-friendly platform has made it easy for farmers and land managers to submit their data, and the data analysis provides important information for conservation efforts. 

The survey is ongoing and will finish on the 23rd of February 2023. It’s not too late to participate and help provide valuable data for the conservation of farmland birds,

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