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Exciting opportunity for Food Manufacturers: Funding Opportunities!

an exciting opportunity for food manufacturers looking to go digital

As an inventory management and food traceability software company, we believe with the right tech, you build trust and can transform. At NotaZone, we work with many small to medium-food producers and manufacturers on their growth journey and understand your unique challenges and needs.

Our commitment to you and the industry goes beyond our software and hence, while we may not be affiliated with the below scheme, we know a good opportunity when we see it!

So, if you are:

  • A Small to Medium Enterprise (SME).
  • A food manufacturer.
  • Looking to understand how to overcome operational challenges through digital technologies.
  • And can provide funding for financial and skills support measures

Then the ‘Made Smarter’ scheme is perfect for you!  The Made Smarter Adoption programme is being delivered in the North East, North West, West Midland & Yorkshire & Humbler. While the Made Smarter Innovative programme is a national scheme. To find out your eligibility or to register your interest, fill out the form and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

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