A Day in the Life of Kayleigh: Customer Support Extraordinaire

Meet Kayeligh, NotaZone's Customer Suppprt Consultant and find out how she juggles our clients needs through support and training.

The clock strikes 8:30 am and Kayleigh, NotaZone’s Customer Support Consultant, starts her day. As a dedicated professional in a vibrant company like NotaZone, no two days are the same, but each is filled with opportunities to support our valued clients, food producers from all around the UK.

First up, Kayleigh reviews her schedule and to-do list for the day. She then dives into the email inquiries and voice mails. Kayleigh has a knack for understanding clients’ needs quickly and concisely, allowing her to address all concerns promptly.

After the 9 am team call, an important catch-up with NotaZone’s team that works remotely from across the Southwest, she updates all clients waiting for updates from the development team.

Between customer calls, emails and other responsibilities, Kayleigh frequently receives calls from new starters as they settle into using NotaZone. With her comprehensive knowledge of the platform, Kayleigh’s personalised attention and empathetic manner allow her to support the client quickly and effectively.

Lunchtime provides a short break to refuel before plunging back into her afternoon task. Post-lunch, Kayleigh often liaises with the development team, sharing valuable user feedback and discussing potential releases or updates based on her day’s interaction with the clients so far.

As the day rolls into the late afternoon, Kayleigh might be found conducting a training session or a quick refresh for clients, analysing customer call rates or looking at ways to improve NotaZone’s support to ensure our clients get the best care possible.

She finishes her day by checking all tickets raised through the day have been assigned to members of the development team, emails have been successfully answered and her ever-increasing to-do list is all set for the next day.  

“As a customer support consultant at NotaZone, my mission is to ensure our food producers feel empowered and supported as they navigate our platform, NotaZone. To me, every call, every query is an opportunity to provide personalised support and guidance. It’s not just about solving an immediate issue; it’s about building relationships and helping our clients unlock the full potential of NotaZone to streamline their operations. There’s a unique satisfaction in knowing that we are part of their journey towards greater efficiency and success.”

If you would like to get started with NotaZone and rest assured you always have friendly and personalised support as you go through your NotaZone journey, book a demo today!

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