Why Cambrook Foods Chose NotaZone for Food Traceability and BRC.

Discover the reasons behind BRC site, Cambrook Foods' decision to opt for NotaZone as their food traceability platform to revolutionise their operations.

Discover the reasons behind Cambrook Foods' decision to opt for NotaZone as their food traceability platform and how it has revolutionised their operations.

The Need for a Comprehensive Food Traceability Platform

In today's competitive food industry, ensuring traceability of products is of utmost importance. With increasing consumer demand for transparency and safety, Cambrook Foods recognised the need for a comprehensive food traceability platform.

As a growing business, Cambrook recognised the need for an efficient record-keeping solution and found that NotaZone met their needs exactly.

Following a successful project to implement NotaZone across the production process, co-founder Michael Brooks has this to say about NotaZone.

"NotaZone has proved to be an invaluable tool for us at Cambrook Foods.

We had been a BRC-accredited company for several years operating a paper-based record-keeping system which as we grew became more time-consuming and difficult to manage.   Implementing NotaZone across all areas of our operations has allowed us to operate in a largely paperless way.

After exploring various systems that didn’t fit our needs due to rigidity and inefficient data handling, NotaZone was recommended to us by a customer.

Its flexibility and specific suitability for the food industry, coupled with seamless integration with Woocommerce for web orders and Sage for accounts, have made it an essential part of our business."

NotaZone will work for any size food producer, from the one-man artisan through to multi-site corporations.  It's simple integrations enable it to work with other tools to become a core part of your operational system.   

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