Free Food Safety Excel Sheets: solution or problem?

Do free food safety and inventory management excel sheets help you in the long run? Using NotaZone is cost effective and future proof.

As a food producer, you’ve successfully started a business, perfected your recipe, created a loyal customer base, and secured your food safety credentials. While no small feat, as demand grows, production grows and so do the complexities of running your business.

If you are aspiring to get your SALSA and/or BRC accreditation, you know the path to passing the audit is one where consistency and accessibility will play a key role in your success. The Excel sheet you used at the start of your business can no longer provide you with the level of trace and inventory management your business needs.

So, what should be the next step?

To begin, we need to first establish why you need a fully traceable manufacturing process. Trace provides you with the means to identify sub-stage products such as butter icing, and then connect them with each final product you create using the sub-stage product. It also empowers you to connect the different materials you have used for packaging, suppliers used for stock control, and customer orders.

For a company to be fully traceable, this set of interrelated information must all connect and be fully transparent to gather the full picture and be food safety audit-ready.

The food safety excel sheet to record this information is limited in its scope which will in the long run become a problem than the solution it was intended.

How can you future-proof your business?

NotaZone, our inventory management, and food traceability platform makes the entire process, easy and quick. Simply scan the barcodes to record all trace information and NotaZone will produce your trace report in minutes!  

Keeping food safety at its core, NotaZone will also deliver purchase and supplier tracking, an order book, stock, or inventory visibility as well as production scheduling; demand planning, and production forecasting for £1.55 per day per user.

How does one system do it all? Book a demo to find out.

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